The WEB Interface is the Duemmegi web solution for a control and supervision system that constitutes a link between all of the installations in a Home or Building Automation system.

It presents itself as a simple and intuitive interface between user and system and does not require an external server to serve as a bridge. The Duemmegi web unit installed in the system is itself a web server in every respect. In fact it allows the html pages that manage the system to be saved within it, therefore including all of the images associated with the application and its relative functions. In other words, what makes it different from normal local supervision systems is the possibility to operate in the same way on the devices present in the field, both locally and remotely.

This means that you can have total control of the Home or Building Automation system wherever it is located. In fact the distance is no longer a constraint because any device with a web browser is sufficient, meaning Windows, Mac or Linux PC's but also Android telephones and unique products such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from Apple or Galaxy-X and Galaxy Tab from Samsung.

Access is protected both by login and password and by advanced encryption systems.

In a society where, thanks to mobile phones and tablets, internet is in reach of everyone, the WEB Interface system exploits and makes its own that which by new can easily be defined a well-established realtiy that allows one to have total control in the palm of your hand.