Scenario configuration - Automatic adjustment


A completely configurable system via browser

The DUELUX system is also innovative in its configuration.
The simplicity of the DUELUX system continues even at the moment of bringing the system to life.
The configuration of a BUS system must be quick and intuitive, for this reason we have chosen to offer users an ONLINE INTERFACE that could be reached from any device with a web browser such as PC, tablet, smartphone, etc., regardless of the device’s operating system.
An active internet connection is not required, it is sufficient to connect an access point to the DLCP controller module in order to have access to the entire system.
The automatic addressing of the area (DALI lamps, sensors, input modules, wireless keypad panels, relay actuators, etc.), group creation field, the definition of scenarios and command logics, the setting of time bands, the exchange of information and commands between several DALI-2 buses that refer to different DLCPs etc. are carried out easily through a web based interface.


Configurazione fasce orarie Time bands configuration
Configurazione logica pulsante Button logic configuration
Acquisizione e indirizzamento del campo DALI Acquisition and addressing of the DALI field
Configurazione sensore Sensor configuration
Configurazione lampada Lamp configuration
Configurazione pulsantiera Keypad configuration