Local and remote command and monitoring of all home automation functions

The control of your house locally and remotely is a delicate issue to which we have dedicated many years of research and development.

The supervision and the control of your home automation system is obtained through components that are found within the home and without the need to install anything on the device used to connect itself.  There is no need to sign any contract or lean on any external site, communicating sensitive information; it is enough to access the internet and log-in.

Then, everything will be under control at home and remotely: local command and monitoring of all home automation functions as well as the components of other manufacturers present in the apartment.

Thanks to the WEBSERVER modality the supervision and the command of the home automation system can be carried out both locally (through the LAN network) and remotely (through Internet: ADSL with both static and dynamic IP).

In this way your device transforms itself into a powerful supervision and command instrument of your apartment's system without requiring any configuration procedure.

A different graphical display is proposed according to the device that you are using (e.g. iPhone or iPad) to optimize visual perception and control.

Your graphic interface can also be personalized, upon request, to command different areas also with simple intuitive icons (selectable from a library).  Floor plans of the dwelling can be created upon request, with representations that meet the needs of the user.

The WEB SERVER modality is also multi-client: simultaneous access is therefore allowed by multiple users.  It is also possible to define multiple login-password pairs to give different levels of access to the users with different system display and command functions (e.g.: only display, display and management, display and management of only some environments or some functions).  The simplicity and flexibility allows use by different categories of users.