...the domino system you can now also program via an APP

DFAPP has Wi-Fi integrated! ...because on site there is no network

iCasaMia and aCasaMia are APPs that now allow you to program the domino system using iOS and Android devices. By connecting to a DFAPP gateway you can now immediately get into contact with the modules you have in your home. DFAPP has an integrated access point to cope with the problems arising from a lack of data network on site.

Download free from Apple Store and Google Play

tutorial videoTutorial


...user friendly interface

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, programming a domino system with iCasaMia and aCasaMia is even more within the reach of everyone.

Duemmegi offers more than 25 years of research & development. Our automated home systems will transform your home into a modern living space that epitomizes sophistication and style.

features of the APP
  • automatic or manual addressing of modules
  • checks on output connections without programming
  • resident programming of modules in the field, not in the DFAPP gateway
  • you can also save a back-up copy of the programming with comments in the DFAPP gateway
  • immediate availability of the program to copy it, read it and re-write it



...not only for the installer, also for the end customer

iCasaMia and aCasaMia are designed not only for the installer but also for the home owner, and that’s why they are divided into two parts:

dedicated to the installer for programming and is protected with a password

for normal use by the end customer

installer side

...some of the programming possibilities via APP

Lights on/off

with timer-thermostat

Meteo Module


DALI management

Civil series in glass with capacitive technology




Multifunction modules
configure outputs such as on/off or shutters

Control loads
upto 8 loads


end customer side

...configurations for home owners

Program the various rooms such as the lounge kitchen, bedrooms and association of utilities

IP Cameras
entry of web addresses for display of IP cameras

independent programming of scenarios

Multiple users
everyone who lives in the house can program their own APP