Building automation

Intelligent building automation

Duemmegi studies and develops building automation systems. Technological innovation has allowed communication systems within building structures to be made "intelligent".

Today it is possible to design the construction of a building by integrating and computerizing all of the system resources. The traditional design of a building, therefore, with its construction and structural needs is integrated by the creation of a computer system thanks to which the performances are optimized, the management and the interaction of the systems is organized, and in summary, the automation of the building is obtained.

Creating "intelligent buildings" means improving the quality of life of those who live and work in the environments that are designed, and more generally it means making progress in terms of security and environmental impact.

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The Contatto system does not need dedicated cable routes.

The modules that compose the system can be freely positioned as a function of the specific needs of both the system and the user. This allows you to create simple systems with great ease of extension

Web supervision

The use of the Duemmegi modules and systems dedicated to interfacing with the world of the web allows you to create a complete supervision system unconstrained by operating systems and by the number of users connected.

Flexible connections

It can be any configuration.